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Living life to the fullest!

I wrote a long post.... and then everything got deleted.
So here's the shorter version.

Wednesday: Biking! I was so out of shape, I got so sick and dizzy I had to stop. But we were able to go above Alhambra. But since I was so sick I didn't have the energy to take photos. Surprisingly I didn't get sore muscle from biking.
Afterwards, I went for tapas/dinner, and then to a jamon event for tasting and hearing about how their jamon was made.

Friday: Hiking! Rough hike, since not all the path we took were actual paths. But it was worth it, since the view was awesome. We ended hike early so we went to a bar for a drink :D My sangria tasted amazing after the long hike.

Then finally, we went to the long awaited ARAB BATHS! Hot, medium hot, and cold bath was all very nice, except the cold one was so cold I could barely stay in the water for 5 seconds. And then I had a aroma oil massage. It was so relaxing! My aroma oil---rose--- was the best aroma I could ask for. I am definitely coming back!
On the way home, I found two donkeys. Don't know what they were doing there though.

And then today, I went to bullfighting....I thought bullfighting was bulls attacking the red cloth that the guys hang front of their face. And thats it. But I was so so so wrong!
They actually kill it :( It was such a torture for me to watch... I left midway through. It was good cultural experience, but I don't think I'll go to another bullfighting event. I only took picture in the beginning before all the gruesome stuff happened, so none of my pictures are rated R.



On Saturday, I traveled to Alpujarra, a small town in Granada.
I went with a group of students from my program, which was really fun!
The students in this program are really friendly and nice, which I am so thankful for.
We went to "abuela ili", a chocolate store with tons of samples of chocolates.
I bought three, or four different kind of chocolates, including white and coffee flavored chocolates.
I just  can't live without chocoloates <3

My friend and I went around the small town, and we encountered couple of cats and dogs, including a sad, sad, sad looking dog.

The two cats I found were so photogenic that I had to take picture :D I think this looks really pretty.

Then we had the most amazing lunch at a restaurant. It was sopa Alpujarra, bread, egg, hamon, vegetables, sausages, and meringue for dessert. The balsamic vinegar and the olive oil with the bread was the best I've ever had. It was so delicious. The soup and hamon was amazing too! I would totally go back to eat that meal again.

It was such an awesome day! I really enjoy my life in Granada!

I feel like I'm going go back to States, FAT though. I can't stop eating. There are so many gelato, ice cream and frozen yogurt stores. It's so tempting, that I always end up buying one.

Living in Granada


It has been one week since I arrived to Granada.
First few days were kind of rough, gettting used to the culture and all.
At my host family's place, I'm not allowed to take shower before 11pm...
Only from 11pm to 1pm. I guess I have to get used to waking up early to take shower...

But other than that, I am enjoying here so much!
So far, everyone I've met are so nice :D

On Wednesday, my friend and I went to eat Churros con Chocolate, and the churros maker was so nice to us!
He told us we didn't have to pay for the Churros because we were "nice ladies". haha
We paid of course.

Then we went shopping for purses/back pack at morrocan shops and the morrocan vender gave us free key chains.
We were probably lucky, but I don't think I've been complimented so many times before. This city is seriously raising my self esteem.

The classes here are so much fun too!
I love it!
The students and the teacher in my classes was so funny that I started to tear up while laughing. And other students were laughing and tearing up as well. I don't think I've laughed so much in a while.

Day 1 of Granada!

My day one of Granada!

So far, I like it! I am living really close to center(literally, the center) and the school, which is really nice.
The only thing I was kind of disappointed was that I didn't get my own room. But I really like where it is located and the house is really nice! We have balcony(roof top?) with view of Alhambra and Albaicin!

Today, we went for a walk(tour) around the city. There's orange tree everywhere, but unfortunately it's not for eating :(  But it looked soo good>.<









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